Sam Hazbon


Auteur émergent

My name is Sam Hazbon, I’m 21 years old. I’m currently in Law school in the University Paris 11 in Sceaux. I’m Syrian, and I arrived to France 3 years ago. I discovered my Passion for theater in highschool in France. I also always loved the idea of writing, which is why i plan to write a play for the instant mix project. But also I am hoping to act, because this is what got me interested in theater play. My experience in acting goes as long as two plays in Highschool under the watch of Miss Anne Berelowitch.
Why do I want to be a part of the project ? Because it’s an Idea of progress in art, but also in the politicla notion, where we could aim for a better communication and understanding between nations, their culture, their language, and their traditions.

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