Anne Berelowitch


Directrice, auteure et traductrice de théâtre.

Anne BÉRÉLOWITCH is a French director, writer and translator of theater.

She has been artistic Manager of « Compagnie L’Instant Même. » since 1998. Five years ago, she founded Instant MIX, a European Lab for research on bilingual / multicultural shows. The project was selected for support by Creative Europe in 2016.
Anne has notably directed In the Shadow of the Cathedral, translated from the Maltese, MiXanthrope ! a bilingual adaptation based on Molière and Crimp , a bilingual version of Natale in Casa Cupiello, by Neapolitan author De Filippo Big Bang, ou Les trois premières minutes de l’univers, an original musical theater piece in verse, In the Garden of Perfect Love, based on two plays by Marguerite de Navarre, A Rehearsal, contemporary variations on Marivaux’s Acteurs de Bonne Foi, A Room of One’s Own, by Virginia Woolf in her own adaptation for three actresses, Cafés, original piece, at Centre Dramatique National de Gennevilliers, The Critic and School for Wives, adapted from Molière, at James Madison University, Virginia, USA, The Suicide, by Nicolaï Erdmann at Ateliers 61 Art Gallery, Desert Blues, based on TV news during the Gulf War, La Lorgnette, based on Courteline’s Journal and One Acts, Three Sisters Who Are Not Sisters and Look and Long, adapted from Gertrude Stein.

She has translated (from English to French) and/or adapted for the stage
Room of One’s Own, by Virginia Woolf
Pearls for Pigs, by Richard Foreman, directed by Bernard Sobel
Bad Boy Nieztsche by Richard Foreman, directed by Bernard Sobel
Hidden, by Miriam Halahmy

She regularly offers improvisation, acting, and creative writing workshops for high school and university students, as well as amateurs of all ages.

She was trained at Paris Sorbonne (Thesis : Definition of an American Avant-Garde : William James, Gertrude Stein, Bob Wilson, Richard Foreman / Agrégation in English (PhD equivalent) / Master’s Degree on Gertrude Stein’s plays and writings on the theater), took Acting and Writing classes with Alain Knapp and s at Bristol University, GB. She is a member of École Normale Supérieure de Fontenay-aux- roses.